What is a press release?

Before we get into any how to’s, a good place to start is to understand what it is I am talking about.

Writing a press release

Contacting the media with your product or service in search of some unpaid content can seem pretty daunting. One of the many tools you can use as part of a media kit (more on Media kits later), or as a stand alone piece, is a press release.

In this piece we will focus on press releases, what they are for, what to include and how to write them.

What is a press release?

A press release (or news release) is communication issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter. It can be in written or video format.


Why would I want to write a press release?

The idea behind a press release is that the newspaper, blog, or authority you submit it too will pick it up and publish your content free of charge. They will help you spread your message to your audience. They also give your message extra credibility as they are independent (in contrast to advertisements or advertorials)

The media outlet may copy the whole press release to use, they may ask for an interview to follow up or they may also just take snippets from your release and use this alongside something they are producing on the topic.


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