When can I use a press release?

When deciding if I am going to write a press release I always put myself in my audience’s shoes.

Do they care about what I have to say? Is my topic interesting to them?

I ask myself, does my topic fit into one of the following categories:

  1. New
  2. Human interest
  3. Controversy
  4. Hot topic
  5. Urgency

It is much less likely that your release will be picked up by the media if it doesn’t fulfill one of the above criteria. It is not particularly interesting that you have started a wedding photography business or sell baby clothes. You need to have an angle that makes the media excited about what you have to offer. Ensuring you are media worthy before putting time and effort into writing is critical.

Writing a press release takes time and care. If it isn’t written well, or has spelling mistakes you have no chance of getting your story picked up.

Make sure you follow the blog for the next post where I begin to look at writing and formatting press releases.


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